Posted 1 month ago

I put Hunchback of Notre Dame on the TV for some background noise, and while I was cooking I realised I don’t know the titular character’s name. Even now the best I got is

  • Neopolitan
  • Frodo
  • Hunchy
Posted 1 month ago

It’s happening again

I accepted a new job today. It pays well enough so that Nie can quit their shitty job and find something less horrifying, AND it pays weekly. It’s an amazing company with a tight-knit helpdesk of four people, and it’s going to be working with one of my favourite coworkers EVER. My job interview was 90 minutes long because we spent too much time making parallels between A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds, trading pictures of pets, Wreck it Ralph cosplay, and trying to decide what 5 movies we would take with us if we were stuck on a desert island. 

Still… nervous. 

Posted 2 months ago

I just realised you can’t spell “Do you wanna build a snowman?” without Anna no


Posted 3 months ago
Have you ever tried to squat and run? It turns out, I’m too tall to squat and run.
Posted 3 months ago
God made Squirt, Squirt don’t hurt.
Posted 4 months ago


saiyan dancing lessons with prince vegeta

oh my god yes

Posted 4 months ago

This just in, my folks are so broke they went out and bought the SANDWICH SHOP MY SISTER WORKS AT

Posted 6 months ago
Happy Zitday! (And also birthday. <3 )

It’s like a party hat for between my lips and nose!

Posted 6 months ago

I got a zit for my birthday, its like my body has a built in calendar

Interview? Zit.

Date? Zit.

Con? Zit for each day at the con.

Dentist/haircut/brows? Zit near mouth, hairline, between eyebrows.

Posted 7 months ago

Imagine your OTP sharing a horse costume

Posted 7 months ago

Oral Surgery

Nie is home from getting their wisdom teeth out and high as fuuuuuck! They’re singing an all-Woodman rendition of Due Vendetta, just like Panther once accidentally did at the last Proto show I went to.

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Posted 7 months ago

Customer Service Training

We got an angry caller on the call we were listening in on, and in the chat I posted that it sucks she was being nasty just because the rep’s hands were tied. One of the girls in the class was like “ooh I’d be so much nastier” and then we got into it from there. Got into a fight over whether it was okay to be abusive to strangers on the phone because you can’t get what you want.



Posted 8 months ago

i want to write a post about how we accidentally laughed and almost pointed at a guy shaped like one of those decorative halloween gourds or an anthropomorphic hersey kiss but with arms and legs and he looked like he was trapped INSIDE the fence of our apartment complex but i can’t figure out how to write it in a way that won’t get us crucified for laughing at the distractingly obese

Posted 8 months ago

Just told Nie I don’t think they’re too gay to live to comfort them

(I was lying)