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Just so you know, i’m really not a bad person, just miscommunication.

My reign of negative rep started around ‘07-‘08 when i started to go on DeviantArt, and i saw Raging-Banebou’s account (no i will not call him by his current dA acount name), i liked him, i thought his robot master designs were hella rad, so i decided to reply to him, i had no idea how to validate my dA email, so i replied to him, he got all pissed off, so i made various other dA accounts to try diplomacy with him, blocked every single one of them, then i get pissed off at him, so he’s already on my internet shit-list.

Moving on to current times, miscommunication still happens with me, and currently, AMR. Most of the mods are on my internet shit-list because i really didn’t know that i was harassing people, it’s just my Autism. Don’t call that as a excuse, don’t believe me? Go contact my sister. Or, you could meet me in real life or talk to my parents!

Plus, i was going to apologize to Raging-Banebou, then i realized that he is just another brick in the wall, so i’m not going to do so.

Mini-rant, over.

Ok, this is not a miscommunication, we have repeatedly, REPEATEDLY ASKED YOU to leave our members alone. You knew it was harassment because we sent you messages over and over and OVER telling you to STOP HARASSING.

Blaming being a dickweed on your disability is a disservice to autistic people everywhere. Using your disability as an excuse is disgusting and immature, and insulting to everyone with autism everywhere that manages to wake up in the morning and not harass people. Just ask your mom? Kid, if I could get your mom on the phone right now and tell her what you’re doing to strangers on the internet, I’d do it. I even offered (and got a list) of people for you to RP with and instead you said you’d make your own group. Guess what? Running an rp group IS FUCKING HARD.

And yes, talking to people after you’ve been asked to leave them alone (by MULTIPLE PEOPLE AT THIS POINT), makes you an dickweed. I dropped my harassment claim with Tumblr against you because you apologised nicely. COULD YOU FUCKING KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY?

I don’t have TIME to deal with your shit!

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Do you ever look at the blog of someone you used to be friends a long time ago with and think, “Maybe in a different lifetime, we might still have been friends”?

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Sword figures that’s the best he’s going to get. He sort of has an inkling as to why Astro’s upset, but he knows if he even mentions it he’s probably going to get into a lot of trouble, so he just ignores the fact that Astro was possibly in a bad mood after his legs were returned, and it was possibly because the spacebot was mad he ‘lost’ a friend, and instead, he addresses the two things on the mental list he’d compiled on the way here.

The first was easy enough. “You can keep my old top armor for a table, if you want,” he offers, head tilting to the side slightly, but his expression still impassive. “I don’t need it.”

Sword waits, watching Astro for any kind of sign that the other would get up and actually look at him. He feels… a little uncomfortable. Guilty, maybe. He’s familiar with the emotion, but he’s not familiar with feeling it because of someone.

Usually he just feels guilty for existing.

He eventually realizes he’s been sitting there in silence, again, and moves on to the second point.

"Also," he says, holding out the DVD, "Clown got you this. …He wanted to ask you something."

The orb wobbled a little bit to get a good look at the DVD case, and the second it recognized what it was, Astro’s hand snapped the thing out of Sword’s hand and…


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OOC: Blues has this photo in his room. I decided it. 100% canon.

Based off this.

I need this on my main so i can love it forever

this is one of my favourite drawn blues of all time

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Nie just pointed out Little Debbie looks kind of worried… 

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Shea and I were playing Kirby’s return to dreamland and eventually robots got brought up because when don’t robots get brought up?

Forte plays Metaknight (obviously) and Jewel gets to be Kirby because he’s pink.



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o - o why do I keep thinking this is my shit blog

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So many ideas but most just have more negatives than positives really…I”ll have to think up more or something IDK

also I really want photoshop/SAI on the mac….

shhhhh don’t worry about not knowing much about Chinese/Russian etc., Burst’s Japanese and my knowledge of that is very little :’^>

in fact I also know next to nothing about chemistry because science was my second worst subject in school and chemistry was the aspect that i understood nothing of but that’s why Google is my friend gfdhgjkdsf

Dude almost none of us who play Cossacks know a lick of Russian. We use <Text like this> for when we have them speak Russian.

You don’t have to know the language. It’s not like the characters don’t all know English too. 

Oki that takes care of the language problem then heh xDD Thanks you guysss ;v;

Do keep in mind, however, Kalinka wouldn’t be a child or even a teen in our game due to AMR’s timeline. She’d be roughly coming up on 30… we allow some minor fudging, but that’s probably why we’ve only ever had one Kalinka. 

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disclaimer that i’m having an insecure day in the first place but

i feel like there’s SO much megaman stuff that i’m never going to ~truly belong~ w/ others who are into it ?

like i was seriously considering joining amr since i’m back into rp but they have a lot going on and it intimidates me

I’m sorry if I wasn’t meant to see this, and I apologise if I’m intruding on your private thoughts! If so let me know and I’ll delete this as fast as I can. 

I just wanted to talk to you about this, and about AMR being intimidating. 

It’s true that we do have some members with encyclopedic knowledge who’ve been in the fandom forever etc etc, but at the same time we also have people that joined with very little knowledge but wanted to be part of something their friends were into. I’ll tell you what I tell them- read your robot’s wiki page, watch their boss battle on youtube, and if you have any questions, anyone in our group would love to help you. I mean it.

You don’t need to feel intimidated or worry about fitting in. We love getting new members and all the mods were thrilled just to see you message us- that’s why I popped by your blog to follow up. 

While we do have a lot going on, there’s ways of easing into it too, like joining with a robot master who has damaged memory and isn’t sure what’s going on, etc. While we are a “tight knit” community, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to bring more folks into the fold. I’ve met my best friends in this group, and I love it when I get the chance to extend that to other people! 

TL;DR version: If you’d like, you could always try it out, and if you feel it’s not for you, that’s okay too :D! No one would be upset if you gave it a shot and didn’t like it!

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ok I calmed down the rest of the way

stay tuned next time where i whine that folks are intimidated by me

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ok i calmed down

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calm down kamina
dimentio asked


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holy crap, AMR’s dash is looking like it used to, and JUST in time for it’s 4th year anniversary!!!!

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MEGAMAN FANDOM, a member of your community needs you: I’m sorry but I need some help.

If you’ve ever been in AMR, you’ve met Alex. I’ve known her for upwards of twelve years, back when we both hung out at Mechadrake’s oekaki boards (and I know several of you follow me)… so if you were there, you also have met Alex (Bladedancer, back then).

She’s been fighting her Chron’s disease this entire time. She was fighting it then and she’s still fighting it now.

If you’ve got even fifty cents, please throw it her way. Her dickbag narcissist mom is suing her dad in order to steal money from her medical compensation payments… the ones that pay for food and rent. Watching my friend have to beg for change on the internet after fighting for so long fucking kills me.

Fifty cents is fifty cents more than she has. Please help, she’s one of our own.



Many of you know me as Alex, some of you know me as Boss, and even fewer of you know just how sick I have been for the last few years… and that’s okay. That’s why today, I’m writing to you for help.

My Chrohn’s disease has reached the point where I cannot function without taking immuno-suppressant drugs to keep the symptoms under control. These immuno-suppressants cause me to, just like the name says, have NO IMMUNE SYSTEM. This means I cannot work with the public while on them, period. The last time I tried working as a cashier, in the course of a single year I managed to catch a virus that caused massive sores to appear in my esophagus, as well as Norwak virus later on- it left me in and out of the hospital under quarantine conditions for two months. I can’t hold a job due to my illness, so I have no money to pay my (increasingly high) bills. 

I also can’t hold a job because right now, I’m writing to you from my hospital bed.I had major, sudden abdominal surgery on Sunday, and they removed twelve inches of small intestine in order to get my Chrons back in remission. 

My father, the amazing wonderful downright saintly man that he is, has taken me on as his dependent. He makes sure that I have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and rides to my many doctor appointments. It’s asking a lot- he didn’t expect to have to financially support a 27 year old daughter at this point in his life. Oh, and my mom?

My mother is currently suing my dad and using me as a pawn, she’s been trying to get into my medical records in order to deny my medical support payments because she’s not getting a cut.  

Asking for help is hard for me, I’ve always been taught to suck it up and deal with things on my own, but I can’t right now, not from this bed. That’s why I’m asking now, if anyone has anything to contribute- a dollar, a reblog, anything helps. Just anything until I can stop taking the immuno-suppressants so I can support myself again.


Thanks just for reading this far, it was nice to get it off my chest for once.